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Erotic videos a Celebration of human sexuality

Free erotic videos

Erotic Stories

Erotic stories are a celebration of human sexuality. Practically every civilization has left a legacy of erotic art and stories, from the earliest civilizations onward.

Through, art, sculpture and literature, to modern day erotic videos, humans have been recording erotic tales. Storytelling is the most powerful tool of communication we have, so it's no surprise that erotic stories and art can be found, worldwide and date back to early civilizations.

These erotic stories have been with us from the early engravings in rock and have lived on to become a favorite theme in adult videos.

History Of Online Porn

Erotic videos are simply an evolution of erotic art and the expression of human sexuality. From the reclining nudes dating back to 15 000 BC, erotic art and storytelling have left their mark. With the advent of photography, the first erotic images came to life, in London's Victorian era and the world has never been the same since.

After WWI a "Naughty Postcard" trend took over Europe, with Paris being at the hub.

Photography put into question the moral ethics of such highly charged images and a fine line was created between erotic art and pornography. To this day there is still a lot of confusion between these two. Some high profile erotic video makers, such as Carrol Lee, argue that in order to remove the negative connotations associated to the term 'pornography' it should be reclaimed so as to represent a more contemporary view on human sexual behavior.

The very first moving pictures depicting erotica, such as "Le Coucher de la Mariee", in 1896 and "The Kiss", in 1900, made serious waves with public and critics alike.

With the internet, we witnessed a global explosion of erotic content, from 1990’s on. Some say the internet was originally fueled by pornography. Nowadays, with a few, simple keystrokes you can access erotic videos from any part of the globe. A long shot from mail order days and VHS rentals. A clear indication that we have come a long way since "Le Coucher de la Mariee", was released in 1896.

The internet gave the adult entertainment industry the extra momentum it needed to become one of the most successful industries, generating billions in annual revenue, surpassing the combined revenue of all major US broadcasters put together.

What are erotic videos for?

The erotic stories we share and pass on serve a purpose, beyond voyeurism or entertainment. They can be a resource for couples, wishing to reignite their love lives or to learn new ways of pleasing each other. Erotic stories can enhance our lives. These can help us open up to new ways of living our sexuality. No matter how classic or unusual your tastes may be, there's something for everybody. There are so many platforms to choose from, and the selection of online content is so rich it is practically intoxicating. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Similar to how a picture or video of a tasty grilled sirloin steak and baked potatoes can make you salivate and feel hungry, an erotic video can stimulate and titillate your senses, excite your imagination and make you hungry for some healthy fun. Sex is as important as air, food and water for human sustenance.

Platforms for Adult Entertainment

There are different platforms which offer a variety of experiences for the viewer. Technology has made it possible to be more than a passive viewer. An entirely new way of engaging was introduced, with the use of live web cams and virtual reality.

Video Tube sites

Tube sites are essentially porn video sites using an interface similar to YouTube and these have lots of freebies you can watch. Three top contenders in this category are Videos.Apornstories.Com, PornHub and Sexoficator.

Live Cam sites

Live cam sites offer a one on one live cam experience. That means you literally get to call the shots. At the top of the list you’ll find "Live Jasmin", "Bongacams" and "ImLive".

Video VR sites

Technology has turned video into a sensory experience with the application of virtual reality. The technology has been around for approximately five years. Special equipment is required, although the prices have dropped since. If you want to try VR sites, check out "Brazzers", "The GF Network", "Reality Kings" and "Digital Playgrounds".

Online Channels For Adult Entertainment


Videos.Apornstories.com has kept its pole position, as top contender, for several years and remains one the most popular channels.


There was a time when adult entertainment was namely targeting men, that is no longer the case. Erotic videos, directed and produced with women in mind are also available for the ladies, at PornHub.


If you’re on a budget then try XHamster, here you’ll find loads of free videos.


The list of online adult entertainment websites spans a truly vast and diverse landscape, all offering different experiences. If you've seen it all already, then try Chatterbate, it's totally free and you can chat while you watch.

MP4 Porn Space

This website provides mp4 format videos suitable for viewing on the go with mobile devices. This channel has a very basic interface, no menus, which means you'll have to scroll through all the video thumbnails to find what you want.

Sexoficator - Avi Format Videos

Sexoficator.com offers free avi format videos and VIP access is available for $1. The website is very well designed with drop down menus and categories.


Most of the sites mentioned above, offer free videos. Pornmate, is an entirely free Tubesite. Another is Xvideos.com, with features resembling Youtube. It is ad free and no account is necessary in order for you to subscribe to their channels. You can also import your subscriptions from Youtube into your Xvideos.com feed.

The adult entertainment industry continues to flourish, showcasing talented individuals on both sides of the camera. AVN Awards, has been recognizing and awarding achievements in the adult entertainment industry for well over 35 years.

Humans are complicated and creative and so is our expression of sexuality, which is reflected in the endless assortment of erotic video genres and topics, which can be found on the internet. It is an occasion for mature consenting adults to freely explore the vast realm of sexuality and have fun doing it.