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Enhancing the Experience of Watching Free Adult Videos

erotic videos

Internet pornography is known as one of the driving factors for the expansion of World Wide Web. Pornography is so popular that every person with a computer had watched it. If you think, no one in your house watches some of videos.apornstories.com free XXX videos, then probably you the one sitting in the dark, seeing nothing. As per the research, the average age of the person to check internet XXX sites is 18. This is the age when youngsters become curious and develop interest in seeking knowledge about sex and sexuality. It gets worse as the child gets older. From a pastime, it becomes a regular habit and from regular habit it becomes addiction. About 20% of male teens (straight, gay and/or bisexual) are addicted to porn and they tend to watch porn almost every single day.

Sexy movies can be distributed in several formats like MPEG, QuickTime and WMV. In the recent years distribution of clips in the form of DVDs and VCD has started. There are several commercial online erotic websites which allow one to view erotic streaming videos. Few internet pornography websites have started developing free adult videos of high definition which can be viewed in WMV HD format.

In the mid 2006, free pornographic video hosting service websites with advertisement supported technology concept have appeared on YouTube. These websites use flash technology to distribute the video clips that were uploaded by the users. It is generally referred to as Porn 2.0. Web Porn 2.0 includes content generated by users and also commercial erotic movies along with advertisement clips from pornographic sites. This has made the watching of XXX videos further simple.


Other than the above mentioned formats, these are also distributed as Web Pages, search results, voice messages, text files, via message boards, news groups, etc. Audio porn is distributed in formats like MP3 and FLV. But erotic audio and sexy voice messages has only limited distribution. Erotic audio includes the recordings of people having sex or recitals or erotic stories. Pornographic magazines are also available in the market today. They come in Zinio format which provides a program to read in order to enable access. Formats like webteases also have emerged today. They include both images as well as text.


XXX dialers are malware programs that infect computers which cannot be identified by antivirus software. To ensure protection from the dialers, install unsolicited dialers to the computer. This ensures perfect protection for your computer.

Watching Video Clips without Buffering

Most of the online videos are too slow. Some sexy videos really test our patience. They take forever to get to a point. Others were irritating obnoxious ads which play first for 15 to 30 seconds of the video. You can save a lot of time by speeding up the playing of advertisements. A lot of videos today, be it erotic videos or general movies have excellent content in them. But the excellent content is buried behind a million segment of information which you hardly care about. You can skip around their videos just by using the video slider placed just below most of the movies. You can easily reach a point from where you want to watch the clip. However, the ideal way of watching a video without missing any part is by increasing the speed of their playback. Most of the movies can be watched at a speed which is two to three times more than the normal speed. Even though the speed of the video is fast, you can still enhance its speed by using several methods. After all, our brain is more capable than we give it credit for. Software like speed booster can help you in achieving the speed you would wish for.

Legal Constraints

According to Wikipedia, free XXX videos can be watched legally only by adults above 18 years. It is illegally not authorized from children below that to enter erotic websites and anything related to porn. If you have children at home whom you want to protect, there are a variety of content control, filtering and parental software which is specifically designed to block pornography and other adult material from particular computers. Currently available popular web filters include Net Nanny, Bess, SurfWatch, SeeNoEvil and many more. Peacefire is another popular clearing house available to enhance the effectiveness of such countermeasures. Internet pornography is being widely accepted by young people around the globe and its influence on society also has been increasing rapidly. Studies prove porn has greatly helped in dealing with depression and hypertension.